Chesterfield Australia is transitioning to Vanderfield

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Chesterfield Australia is joining forces with Queensland agricultural dealer Vanderfield after being bought by Vanderfield’s parent-company RDO Australia Group. Please have a read below for information regarding what is happening with the Chesterfield website and social media channels, as well as the official media release. Chesterfield fans are encouraged to pop over to www.vanderfield.com.au and to follow Vanderfield’s social media channels to keep up-to-date with news, events and updates.


Chesterfield Australia website

With Chesterfield Australia now becoming Vanderfield, the Chesterfield website will eventually be decommissioned, but for the time-being, the website will run in parallel with the Vanderfield website. You will see some changes during this time as we transition to the Vanderfield business. For instance, you are reading this on www.chesterfieldaustralia.com.au but some elements of the website such as logos and key content will be updated to reference Vanderfield in the coming weeks.


Social Media

As of Monday 16 November, Chesterfield Australia’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will have been merged with Vanderfield’s accounts. Chesterfield’s Instagram and Twitter will be closed down.


Media Release


(7 OCTOBER 2020) – Two of the best-known John Deere agricultural equipment dealerships in Australia are coming together, as Vanderfield’s parent company RDO Australia Group buys the Chesterfield Australia business.

RDO Australia Group CEO Julie Whitcombe says the purchase means branches established by Chesterfield across NSW and Queensland can continue to serve their local customers and support the continuing growth of the agricultural industry in new ways.

“Chesterfield Australia was looking for the right buyer and RDO Australia Group was looking for the right opportunity to strengthen our support base in regional areas for both our agricultural and construction businesses. The opportunity to build in these areas from an established John Deere dealership that shared similar values to our own made perfect sense for us.

“In bringing 11 Chesterfield branches under the Vanderfield banner, we want our customers to know that we are here for the long-term and ready to support them through their challenges as well as their growth opportunities. We are confident in the future of Australian agriculture and we’re pleased to have this opportunity to work with the Chesterfield teams into the future.”

Ms Whitcombe says Chesterfield and Vanderfield have a lot in common, and RDO Australia Group is expecting a smooth transition that will be straightforward for customers.

“The local salespeople, service technicians and parts staff have years of experience and will continue to be there to support our customers. Customers can be confident in continuing to deal with the same teams they know and respect, with the added benefit of RDO’s growing support network behind them. We’re delighted to welcome these teams and customers into our RDO family,” Ms Whitcombe says.

Chesterfield Australia Chief Executive Officer Damien Effeney says Chesterfield Australia and Vanderfield are an ideal fit.

“Chesterfield Australia’s inclusion into the Vanderfield business further establishes it as one of the leading agricultural machinery dealerships in Australia,” Mr Effeney says. “Outgoing owners the Pennefather family have endorsed this purchase as the best way to ensure the legacy of the business they have nurtured for over 50 years.

“I know our customers and the team can look forward to an excellent experience with Vanderfield and RDO Australia Group and I am delighted by this opportunity for these excellent dealerships to secure a positive future.”

The RDO Australia Group is already part of one of the world’s most trusted John Deere and Vermeer equipment dealers and encompasses Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield and RDO Equipment. Once the purchase is finalised the group will employ over 700 staff across 29 branches.



Note: The purchase of Chesterfield Australia includes 13 dealerships. Of these, 11 dealerships will be retained by RDO Australia Group as part of Vanderfield, while the dealerships in Warren and Dubbo will transition to Hutcheon & Pearce.