Chesterfield Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC)

Do you ask yourself questions like… 

Why isn’t my coverage map working?

What should my implement offsets be?

How do I calibrate the TCM and how often?

The answer is CTAC….
The Chesterfield Technical Assistance Centre.

Chesterfield Australia recognise and appreciate that farmers are busy business people and that downtime is an unwanted and costly thing to manage. To help growers keep moving in critical times, CTAC was developed to diagnose and resolve AMS setup or minor issues over the phone. A responsive, high quality phone support service can not only save time but also money by handling those troublesome issues in a timely manner, before a technician is sent to attend site.

With a subscription to CTAC you can get quick answers to these and many other questions relating to the AMS product range. For more information call CTAC today (07) 4679 5000.

Want to renew your SF2 or SF3 signal on your StarFire™ Receiver? CTAC can advise options from 3 months to 3 years.

Remote Display Access support sessions are also included for our CTAC subscribing customers.