John Deere 4WD and Track Tractors | 327 to 620hp

This range includes the most powerful machines offering engine power between 327 to 620 hp. Designed for maximum power and productivity with the traditional John Deere quality and reliability. Available with either powershift or synchronised transmissions, tracks, single, double or triple wheel options and guidance system integration. With extra muscle and increased fuel efficiency the 4WD range will meet the needs of large scale operations.

The 9R/9RT/9RX Series Tractors offer 23 models to choose from including wheeled, track and scraper-special. Row crop and small grains to water management applications, we have the right choice to fit your needs. Explore all the 9R/9RT/9RX models available at your John Deere dealer.With the addition of the new 9RX to the 9 Family of tractors, John Deere now offers the most complete line up of high-horsepower machines on the market.

The 9R/9RT Scraper-Special Tractors are built with the PowerTech PSX 13.5L Engine, delivering uncompromised performance and reduced emissions with just one fluid – diesel.