John Deere Speciality Tractors | Narrow – Wide – Low

Access all areas with the Speciality Tractor range from John Deere, designed for vineyard, orchard, and vegetable operations to name a few. With Super-Narrow, Wider Row or Low Profile models there is a tailored fir for your specialised farming need.

If you need a high-powered no-compromise tractor that can snake through narrow rows, or other cramped spaces, the 5GV Series are the perfect choice. Improved ergonomics, super narrow design and all the high qualities of a John Deere Tractor make the 5GV Series a perfect match for your narrow vineyard.

Not just any tractor will work in vineyards or orchards. The 5GF Series are the perfect all-rounder for low orchards and wide vineyards. The flexible transmission options enable you to match perfectly the intended application, and provide you with all the versatility you need.

Compact and manoeuvrable, the new John Deere 5GL Series offers all the performance you need. Designed to work easily between low orchards, pergola vineyards and low-hanging crops, the 5GL is the ideal choice for height-restricted conditions.