Machine logistics

There is a range of John Deere applications to make the most beneficial connections to increase productivity, automate operations and be proactive in machine management.

JD Link™

Know where your machines are and what they are doing with our Machine Logistic tools and services. MyJohnDeere.com is your gateway to JDLink™ and the operations centre which features Location History, letting you monitor a machine’s location and progress over time, in addition to its current state – idle, at work, or in transport and fuel use. And being a cloud based system, you can monitor equipment via computer or a handheld device!

Active Alert Monitoring

Now launched… a new Service from Chesterfield Australia and available with a CTAC Subscription is our Active Alert monitoring. Let us monitor error codes on your machines and proactively contact you via phone or SMS to advise any codes of concerns and a recommended course of action. Codes are monitored during business hours and are dependent on the machine being in mobile phone range for the code to be received. To sign up for this service, contact CTAC on 07 4679 5000.

Machine Sync™

Machine Sync allows position and speed automation of a grain harvester and chaser bin tractor, with compatible John Deere equipment. In addition, sharing of the machines coverage map is available on 2630 displays, which is particularly helpful when multiple sprayers are using section control on the same field.


Tractor Baler Automation

Tractor-baler automation allows for easier operation and reduced operator fatigue after all day operation. This function is only compatible with model year 2010 or newer John Deere 6030/7030 Premium, or model year 2011 or newer 6R/7R/8R Tractor that is GreenStar™- or AutoTrac™-ready.