Tractor-Baler Automation

Tractor-baler automation allows for easier operation and reduced operator fatigue after all day operation. This function is only compatible with model year 2010 or newer John Deere 6030/7030 Premium, or model year 2011 or newer 6R/7R/8R Tractor that is GreenStar™- or AutoTrac™-ready.

6030 Premium Tractors include: 6230 Premium, 6330 Premium, and 6430 Premium Tractors.

7030 Premium Tractors include: 7130 Premium, 7230 Premium, 7330 Premium, 7430 Premium, and
7530 Premium Tractors.

All tractors must be ISOBUS compatible. All balers must have a pushbar when operating in tractor-baler automation mode.

NOTE: 6R Series Tractors can still be ordered non-ISO compatible. Please order the GreenStar-ready wiring harness package or AutoTrac-ready wiring harness package to make the 6R Tractor ISO compatible. Model year 2015 and newer Final Tier 4 6R Series Tractors must be ordered AutoTrac-ready from the factory in order to work with tractor-baler automation.

NOTE: Premium Round Balers can run on any tractor that is ISOBUS compatible (or made ISOBUS compatible with wiring harness) however, tractor-baler automation will only work on the tractors/features listed.

NOTE: Having the ISOBUS coupler does not necessarily mean that the tractor is GreenStar-ready.

There are two levels of tractor-baler automation. Both the baler activation and tractor activation must be purchased.

  • Level 1: Selective control valve (SCV) control
    • Requires electronic SCVs
    • Controls the SCV for the gate. Tractor movement must be at zero before gate will open
    • Operator must still start, stop, and drive the tractor.
    • Operator must still weave if necessary.
  • Level 2: SCV and vehicle speed control
    • Requires electronic SCV’s and Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™) tractor
    • Controls the SCV for the gate and the starting and stopping of the tractor
    • Operator must drive the tractor
    • Operator must weave if necessary
    • Tractor will slow to a stop when bale reaches full size
    • Operator must cycle reverse lever from forward to neutral and back to forward or
    • Operator must press and hold brakes before tractor comes to complete stop
    • Tractor will drive forward after reverse lever is cycled or operator releases brakes