Faresin Mixer Wagons

Fareisn trailed mixers and self-propelled mixer wagons available from Chesterfield Australia, direct importers and distributors of the range of quality Italian made livestock feeding equipment.

Faresin Industries in Breganze, Italy manufacture a range of high quality telehandlers and feed mixers. Faresin Industries Australia recently expanded their product offering, most specifically with the feed mixer range. By working with and listening to our customers who wanted a greater range to select from with a focus on quality and technology to enhance on-farm production, there is now an even wider selection of Faresin mixer wagons to choose from. Whether you are a small producer or a large commercial operation, Faresin Industries Australia can offer you a machine suitable to your specific needs.

From 3.5 to 46 cubic meter trailed versions, now available with a 3200mm elevator, we can meet any application, right up to the complete self-propelled, self-loading, 4WD, 4Wheel Steer Leader ‘Ecomode’ machine doing its job at Kia Ora Feedlot in western NSW.

Quality is paramount in the design and construction of every unit built at the factory in Breganze, Italy. Using S355 grade steel as its foundation ensures integrity and longevity in all Faresin feed mixers from the smallest 3.5mt tow behind up to the triple auger triple axle 46mt tow behind. Combined with the tungsten knives and Durostat steel, adjustable power blade on the bottom of your augers you are guaranteed exceptional performance to match the quality.

Whether you need a small mixer running off 50Hp to keep up supplementary feeding in the dryer times or a complete TMR solution feeding thousands every day you will be pleasantly surprised with the range of products combined with live instant NIR on site feed analysers in hand held versions or built into your mixers giving nutritional information of your ration mix via direct RF relay to your nutritionist, you can rely on the team at Faresin Australia.

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Easy to use, well balanced machine feeding out to trough or ground with quality mix and consistency.

Special tapered shape, perfect from long stemmed and tough fibres. Best performer when mixing rations that are rich in hay or tenacious products.

Load, mix and feed all from the one machine, the Faresin SP Feed Mixer, available in 11 to up 33 cu/m capacity.

Precision Feeding is a real revolution in ruminants feeding.  Introducing the new PF Line to the Faresin range with the TMR system merging technology and experience.

PF is a step forward in the application of precision agriculture towards the improvement of animal welfare, enhanced livestock production and reducing in cattle feed operating costs.

There are 3 models in the PF Line from 11cbm to 46cbm.