New CA Branch in Lismore

We are very pleased to announce our appointment as the John Deere Dealer in Lismore and the surrounding areas.

During the next few months we will be establishing a new Dealership branch in Lismore to support you with exceptional sales, superior service and comprehensive parts. Our team is ready to help you with all your John Deere needs in sales, service and parts and you can contact us by phone or email.  

Call 02 5624 7023 or email admin.lismore@chesterfieldaustralia.com.au

Supporting you with service

Our team of highly skilled and fully qualified mechanics, trade and specialty technicians can keep your John Deere equipment in optimal condition for better productivity and top performance. Whether it’s your ride on mower or harvester, or anything in between you can be confident that we have the knowledge and experience to give your agricultural and grounds care equipment the best care possible.

Keep productive with parts

Chesterfield Australia Parts Plus is a comprehensive Parts Support Program designed to develop a closer working relationship between our staff and you and your business. Chesterfield Australia will provide pro-active assistance and support by offering analysis of your fleet parts requirements, a provision to stock an agreed listing of parts with a free return option and access to and training on our web-based tools. All aimed at helping ensure you have the parts that you need on hand and ready for the upcoming season.

Optimise technology

PINPOINT Ag™ has the focus and local expertise to ensure you get the best value from your machine and precision agriculture investments. With a strong understanding of equipment application and boosted resources in Precision Ag, we can offer you customised services in equipment optimisation, data collection, data analysis and implementation of Precision Ag practices. The Chesterfield Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC) is a responsive support service, available by phone or remotely to help you navigate the precision ag landscape.


Contact us

While we work to establish our new Dealership in Lismore you can contact us by calling 02) 5624 7023  or email admin.lismore@chesterfieldaustralia.com.au and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.



Q:           I bought a tractor from Ongmac, can I still get it serviced?

A:            Yes, Chesterfield Australia can service your equipment.  We are getting our workshop set up in Lismore but we can help you at our Beaudesert branch in the meantime, call 02 5624 7023


Q;           Is my tractor still under warranty?

A:            We can look at that for you, it would depend on the warranty terms, call 02 5624 7023


Q:           I need to buy parts; can I get them from you?

A:            Yes, we can help you with that.  We will have daily parts runs to Lismore Rural Store, Casino Rural Store and the Kyogle Rural Store. If your part is in stock we can have it out there the next business day. Call 02 5624 7023


Q:           Can I buy a tractor from you?

A:            Yes, the best person to speak with is Tim Hoadley, call 02 5624 7023


Q:           I need to talk to someone about my account?

A:            Certainly, our accounts team can help you, call 02 5624 7023


Q:           I want to find out about things like GPS and precision farming?

A:            We can help you with that. The best person to talk with is Bryan from our Technical Assistance Centre, call 07 4679 5000


Q:           Where are you in Lismore?

A:            We are finalising our location in Lismore at the moment, but our other branches close by are here for you. 


Q:           When will you open your branch in Lismore?

A:            We are working with local authorities and if all goes to plan we will be open in Lismore in August this year.