Our ethics

The Board and Shareholders of Chesterfield Australia have established business goals for the company and the people in it. These goals relate to relationships and obligations to Shareholders, Employees, Business Partners, Customers and Suppliers and to the Communities in which we operate.

Overlaying all of these goals is the desire to be recognised for impeccable conduct and the highest ethical standards.

The following ethical conduct guidelines should be understood and practised by people throughout Chesterfield Australia, from the Board of Directors through to the newest and most junior employee in the company.

Fair dealing

We will strive to deal fairly and openly at all times with employees, customers, suppliers and competitors

Protection of company assets

We have an obligation to protect the company’s assets and to use them efficiently, for legitimate business purposes.

These assets include confidential information and intellectual property, which should be protected and treated with the same care and attention as all other physical assets of the company

Compliance with laws and regulations

Adherance to the laws and regulations under which we operate is of paramount importance and we will make every effort to be compliant at all times

Respect for individuals

In every aspect of our business we will endeavour to respect the rights and dignity of the people with whom we are involved