Our principles

Our Management has establish interim goals for each year, together with a suitable measurement and reporting system, in order to track progress. These goals fall into the flowing areas:

Top quartile NPAT performance that provides:

  • Market comparable returns for Shareholders
  • An ability to reinvest in the future growth of the business
  • A platform for significant growth in market share

Leadership in

  • Market Share
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Industry recognition

Top quartile status for:

  • Staff remuneration
  • Staff benefit programs
  • Health & safety
  • Opportunities for personal development
  • Ability to progress within Chesterfield Australia
  • Two-way communication that encourages innovation and initiatives from staff for business improvements
  • Family-friendly engagement with staff
  • Top quartile assessment by business partners and suppliers, particularly John Deere.

Recognised as a valuable contributor to the communities where we do business:

  • Community support activities
  • Employee involvement

Impeccable conduct in ethical standards and legal and financial compliance. Recognised for best practice business processes and communication with stakeholders.