iGrade™/Distance Trip


iGrade™ allows single and dual slope grade designs to be implemented. This application automates the hydraulic commands of a scraper blade or bucket, making your water management practices hassle-free. The Distance Trip feature lets you engage the tractor’s hydraulics based on distance traveled – a real advantage when creating furrows in headlands or the vernacular creating Roto bucks or Roto bucking.
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Grade Design and TerraCutta

Take land forming a step further with the ability to handle multi plane requirements by combining the John Deere iGrade™ with TerraCutta from Precision Terrain Solutions (PTS). Chestefield Australia has a range of solutions on offer, from the in-cab simple design and implementation through to complex analytical design tools.
Whether it’s irrigated or dryland farming, there could be a solution for most fields.
Land forming solutions include;

  • Field levelling,
  • Surface Drains with GreenStar™ guidance line export
  • Contour design and guidance
  • Terrace design and guidance
  • Levee design and GreenStar™ guidance line export