Mobile Weather

Get on the go temperature, wind speed and Delta T reading on your spray rig with John Deere Mobile Weather™ 

How it works:

John Deere Mobile Weather uses a third-party sensor to display and document real-time weather on the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display, including:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Delta T*
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity

Unlike other systems, which force you to stop spraying, climb out of cab, and use a hand-held device to check prevailing weather conditions, John Deere Mobile Weather lets you make in-cab product application decisions based on location-specific data.

You can also input your own spraying parameters into the system, and receive notifications when the present conditions are outside these preset parameters.

Delta T is an important indicator for determining acceptable spraying conditions. It indicates evaporation rate and droplet lifetime, and is calculated by subtracting the wet bulb temperature from the dry bulb temperature.

System Requirements:

John Deere Mobile Weather is a vehicle-mounted monitoring system that can be mounted on any 4 Series Self-Propelled Sprayer. It requires:

  • Application Controller 1120
  • GreenStar 3 2630, GreenStar 2 1800 or 2600 Displays.

John Deere Mobile Weather is part of the John Deere Precision Ag experience: a total solution that begins with understanding your needs, and provides a world-class experience by combining equipment, technology, and your John Deere dealer.