Environment & Protein Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Mobile Weather

Get on the go temperature, wind speed and Delta T reading on your spray rig with John Deere Mobile Weather™. Capture instantaneous, field-specific weather information from the sprayer cab, and confidently make on-the-go application decisions – you’ll also improve record-keeping by documenting weather conditions during application!

Field Connect™

Being a Phase 3 FarmSight dealer, Chesterfield Australia is trained and equipped to correctly place, install, service and remove soil moisture probes. We offer competitive annual and seasonal hire of Field Connect – if you’re interested, simply get in touch with your local branch to see how we can help.


CropScan, by Next Instruments, is a machine mounted protein sensor that helps growers blend grains during harvest and map protein spatially. The sensor is a powerful Near Infrared Transmission spectrometer capable of measuring protein, oil and moisture in cereal grains and oil seeds as they are stripped in a combine harvester. The CropScan 3300H measure grains as they are sampled off the clean grain elevator, and a cabin-mounted screen controls the system and displays the protein, oil and moisture data in real time.