Precision Ag Services

The range of Precision Ag Services will help you optimise your equipment, collect and manage data, connect with your signal.   See the areas below that we can help you get the maximum return from.

GreenStarTM Equipment Optimisation

These setup and optimisation services, performed by our Integrated Solution specialists, ensure your John Deere GreenStar™ systems are operating correctly. To further enhance this, we offer on-farm training and equipment integration. GreenStar™ Equipment Setup and Optimisation offerings include Guidance and Boundaries, Rate Controller, Field Documentation and Section Control.

GreenStarTM Equipment Hire

Are all your existing AMS systems busy on a job? Hire additional AMS equipment for the period you require and reduce capital investment for those short term seasonal demands. Hire units available from your local branch include Greenstar™ displays, AMS displays, StarFire™ receivers and Field Connect Environmental stations. All hire units are updated with the latest software, warranted by Chesterfield and ready to work!

RTK Network

RTK offers repeatable accuracy and greatly eases the management of practices such as controlled traffic, side banding of fertiliser, inter-row sowing and vertical and horizontal implement control. Our RTK network reduces the cost by offering a spread of dealer owned and maintained StarFire™ RTK towers across the Dalby, Goondiwindi and Moree regions. Our IS Team can advise what RTK signal coverage exists in your area and can perform a survey to confirm signal coverage on your property.

Data Services

Collecting quality data, managing data privacy and enabling sharing of that data with trusted partners is our speciality. However, we realise analysis and interpretation of agronomic data is not our core business. That’s why we work with related agricultural companies to provide more advanced agronomic data cleaning and interpretation. For example we have partnered with Precision Cropping Technologies to offer more advanced services such as post processing of yield data and soil surveys including EM38. We work with local agronomists to ensure these quality data layers can support your crop production decisions.

Precision Ag Implementation

Data collection and analysis is not much good if it can’t be practically implemented to improve crop production.

Chesterfield Australia can supply and support the tools to implement your decisions on Variable Rate, Soil Levelling, Moisture Monitoring and Accurate Placement.