Data Services

Agronomic and Machine Data Management

Create and transfer valuable field data layers from machine to office with greater simplicity and accuracy by taking advantage of our data related services. Monitor your machines or have our workshop monitor them for you with our Alert Monitoring Service, free for subscribing CTAC customers with active JDLink™machines:

• Having a Master Data Setup simplifies working with multiple machines and operators. It also reduces errors from manual entry of fields, lines, and products. We can assist in Master Data setup to streamline data entry and retrieval

• Post processing of yield data (cotton and grains) – to improve quality and accuracy of yield maps

• Take advantage of the Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) option – to send agronomic data between machine and office without the needs for cards and USB’s

• Support with Apex™ and MyJohnDeere.com – We can provide on farm training, setup and help with transfer of data from Apex to the cloud based MyJohnDeere.com

• Machine Data and Codes – Are your machines telling you where they are, how they are performing or if they need technical attention? We can help
to answer YES to these through training on JDLink™ website or provide reports on request for machine utilisation, fuel use and engine load.