GreenStar™ Equipment Optimisation

Guidance and Boundaries

AutoTrac™ is a valuable part of cropping systems today. Ensure your system is set up and working for high accuracy with consistent A/B lines between machines. We have over 15 years’ experience in Automatic steering systems and guidance line management, including transition from other brands. We can support creation of boundaries from existing field application maps or offer a service of driving your farm boundaries.

Rate Controller

No longer does all your equipment have to be green to enable features like variable rate and section control. Chesterfield Australia can customise a rate controller for most brands of air seeders, sprayers and spreaders. This increases the capability of many implements through on-the-go or fully automatic rate changes and section control, saving input costs and placing product for greatest impact.

Field Documentation

The GreenStar™ 2630 and Gen4 displays are capable of so much more than AutoTrac™. Data is the cornerstone of sound management decisions.Is your system set up to document your tillage, spraying, spreading and seeding operations? Let us assist you gather more complete records of your field cropping operations through the in-built documentation function.

Section Control

Rate Control and Section Control is standard on our SP Sprayers and can be fitted to third party Self Propelled and Trailed sprayers. Our technology specialists can assist with fine tuning the settings to ensure the best performance of your sprayer application and optimise chemical inputs.