Precision Ag Implementation

• Variable Rate – Automate variable rate chemical and fertiliser applications through equipment rate controllers in conjunction with a field prescription. Zone management of fertilisers alone can reap significant costs savings over blanket applications.

• Soil levelling – Implement improvements to water flow and drainage through iGrade™ and Terra Cutta, tools which expand the capability of existing AMS components and integrate with equipment hydraulic systems to control a bucket, blade or rotobuck.

• Soil Moisture Monitoring – Get a clearer window into valuable soil characteristics through live soil moisture monitoring at various depths using Field Connect™. Add additional environmental sensors to collect field information such as temperature, solar radiation and rainfall, viewable remotely through a computer or mobile device.

• Accurate implement placement – Combine RTK accuracy with Active Implement Steering to produce straighter hills, more consistent guess rows or better planter placement. StarFire™ RTK signal, provided through your own base or the Chesterfield Australia RTK network, combined with an additional controller and sensors, works with existing AMS components and your machines hydraulic system to automatically steer implements through implement mounted wheels, coulters or sliding hitch