Precision Ag Support

Our dedicated team are here to support you with GreenStarTM products and Precision Ag Services in the following areas.

Chesterfield Technical Assistance Centre CTAC

Do you ask yourself questions like… 

Why isn’t my coverage map working?

What should my implement offsets be?

How do I calibrate the TCM and how often?

The answer is CTAC….
The Chesterfield Technical Assistance Centre.

Remote Access Display

Remote Display Access gives you and your dealer, with your permission, the ability to view an operator’s screen remotely. This will save a trip to the paddock to help an inexperienced operator, getting them back to work faster.

Remote Display Access requires:

  1. GreenStar™ 3 2630 or Generation 4 Display
  2. JDLink™ Access or Connect subscription
  3. MTG/JDLink™-equipped machine
  4. Ethernet cable


Chesterfield Australia want to ensure you maximise the value of your Precision Ag investment – that’s why with every new Large Ag Purchase that includes AMS components, we include an AMS Optimisation session ON FARM with you at no extra cost. This session is up to four hours in duration and can be tailored to your equipment technology and farm data requirements. Our Technology Specialist will go through the setup and operation of your equipment including displays, receivers and all the new features of Telematically enabled machines such as JDLink™, Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer.

We also periodically conduct group based Customer Clinics at the branches to provide information on the operation and maintenance of equipment such as on Pickers, Combines and Tractors.

Software Updates

GreenStar Display and Receivers can be updated to the latest software to take advantage of software enhancements. You have three options for upgrading your AMS equipment with the latest software:

  1. Update this yourself via the Stellar Support or contact CTAC on 07 4670 5000 for any assistance with your AMS system upgrades.
  2. Bring your USB stick or card from your display and we will put the latest software on this for a flat fee of $40 GST. Then take the USB or card home to update your components.
  3. Bring your GreenStar™ Display and Receiver into the branch and have our workshop update both components for a flat fee of $106 GST.

Common Support Links

AMS Publications

Click here for a comprehensive listing of AMS Operators manuals and Quick Reference Guides.

AMS Software Updates

Click to download the latest AMS software to your AMS Hardware and Apex software.

Stellar Support

Need to talk to an operator through display set up or for training, download this computer based Command Arm and GreenStar™ Display simulator.