100 Years of Tractors Limited Edition

On March 14, 1918 Deere & Company purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company of Waterloo, Iowa. This purchase began the journey of John Deere into the production of tractors. From the Waterloo Boy to the latest in modern tractor technology,
John Deere has grown to become the market leader. 2018 marks 100 years of John Deere producing tractors in Waterloo. To commemorate this milestone ERTL is proud to announce a series of collector tractors in a special silver and black paint scheme. The special John Deere ‘100 Years’ icon badge will appear on the left side of the hood on each of the tractors produced. There will be a special logo printed on the top of the cab roof.
The 1:16 Precision Waterloo Boy Model N tractor, the Prestige 1:16 tractors and Prestige the 1:32 tractors will feature the detail level that collectors have come to expect from ERTL. Die cast body frame construction and front axles. Steerable front tires, oscillating front axles, three point hitches that raise and lower.

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