Say Goodbye to Winter and Hello Warmer Weather

Now is the best time to get ready for the season with great deals available on a range of mowers.

Here are some things to consider before you decide on which mower best suits you.

1. How big is your property?
2. Is it flat, or does is have slight slopes or steep hills?
3. Do you have yard obstacles like trees, shrubbery
or gardens to mow around?
4. Do you need to tow or use a blade?
5. Do you need to bag your clippings or mulch
your grass?

There is a huge range of models, so talk to the team at Chesterfield Australia and be confident in choosing the right one.

The range includes: Self-Propelled Walk Behind Mowers and Zero Turn Mowers, 100 Series Ride-On Mowers, Rear Discharge Ride-On Mowers, and the X300 and X500 Select Series™ Ride-On Mowers and the impressive X700 Signature Series Mowers.

Download the 2018 CA Spring & Summer Catalogue here and review the range .