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Chesterfield Australia stock a great range of STIHL Lawn and Garden Equipment for all your garden power tool needs, you can trust they’ll look after you.  Check out the full range available by clicking on the links below.  If you find something you like and need for your garden, you can reserve online and pick up in store!

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Check out these Spring Tips from STIHL!

After a slow-down in growth over the winter months, getting your garden back into shape for spring can feel like a mammoth task – but it doesn’t need to! These helpful hints from STIHL will help you have your garden ship-shape for the summer months in no time.



For a better, vibrant lawn this spring and summer, treat it to a regular feeding and watering. Apply a high nitrogen slow release fertilizer. Some fertilizers need only be reapplied between 6 to 12 weeks. For a thicker, healthier lawn, mow it as regularly as once a week. Mowing it regularly also means it will generally need less water and less fertilizer – less time maintaining, more time enjoying. That’s better!



For a solid, rectangular or square style hedge, it’s best to trim several times a year from Spring through to Autumn.

To keep the top level of your hedge, place a line of string just above the hedge as a guide for a straighter cut. A STIHL hedge trimmer will make the job easier for you and get a better, quicker result than with a pair of shears.

If your hedge is overgrown, get onto it in spring by pruning the side growth back almost all the way back to the main stem on one side only. Repeat on the other side the following spring (you might even be able to do it in late summer if the pruned side has regrown sufficiently).



Winter can bring mould, grime and even algae to your decks, windows and driveway. Give it a spring clean blast away quickly and easily with a STIHL high pressure cleaner. It’ll lift off the dirt to reveal a cleaner surface and you can start enjoying your backyard. Now that’s better!



STIHL have teamed up with leading horticulturist Darren Kerr to create six easy to follow weekly projects that will get your garden looking amazing! Michael and Carlene Duffy from popular DIY TV series, The Block, took on the week-by-week transformation projects to show just how easy it is to get your garden into shape this Spring using quality STIHL garden power tools.

Week 1 – Initial clearing, tree trimming and shaping watch the video

Week 2 – Shrub and hedge trimming watch the video

Week 3 – Weeding, Aerating, Enriching and Planting watch the video

Week 4 – Lawn Rejuvenation watch the video

Week 5 – Lawn Maintenance watch the video

Week 6 – Pressure Cleaning, Hard Surface Facelift and Shredding Garden Waste watch the video